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    Time Concepts introduces ProTek, its new brand of tritium tactical watches, from the Former Owner and Founder and former owner of Luminox. Stemming from the successful history of Luminox, ProTek is designed for a similar core group that includes Law Enforcement, SWAT, Tactical, Military, Special Forces, Fire Fighters, and First Responders.

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    The new ProTek brand of watches is the brainchild of
    watch industry veteran Barry Cohen, founder and
    former owner of Luminox Watch. It was known for timepieces
    that featured non-stop illumination—a great asset for someone
    who has to work under the cover of darkness. ProTek watches are
    built to endure some of the world’s toughest working conditions. That was one
    reason ProTek was recently named Official Watch of the...

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    Watches might not quite be synonymous with gun
    shops, but there are plenty of reasons to stock quality
    ProTek is a new tritium illuminated tactical watch
    brand launched by Barry Cohen, the founder and former
    owner of Luminox. Cohen had plans to retire when he
    sold his shares of the company back in 2016, but the
    desire to build something even better finally brought
    him back...

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