deep oceans (for-profit venture)

Planet Earth is primarily a water planet, with our oceans covering 70% of the surface, providing 90% of the environment capable of supporting life, and acting as the engine to propel our global climate. Despite the vastness of our oceans and their critical role in maintaining the health of our planet, we know shockingly little about their enormous depths. The survival of humanity depends on our learning more and understanding more.

Blue Marble Exploration (BME) is an exploration-focused media company, organizing deep ocean expeditions for the purpose of scientific discovery and inspirational storytelling. Our team has extensive experience in ocean and space exploration, submersible operations, and documentary filmmaking, led by three founders: a former NASA astronaut; and submersible pilot; and a Hollywood movie producer.

Our first expedition, Sapphire Abyss, will be the first descent into one of the world's deepest underwater caverns, Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas. Formed 15,000 years ago and plunging to a depth of 200m (660ft), scientists believe that inside we will discover a geological record to help us better understand the process of climate change since the end of the last Ice Age. Our science team is led by a former National Geographic Explorer-of-the-Year, who is also an expert in Bahamian blue holes. The expedition is tentatively planned for the end of 2024.

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